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diabetic foot:

Pied diabétique : évaluation de l'acupuncture

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1. Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis

1.1. Yu 2011 ∼

Yu Zi-Feng, Fang Zhi-Hui, Zeng Xian-Tao. [Acupuncture as adjuvant treatment for diabetic foot: a systematic review and meta-analysis]. Journal of Endocrine Surgery. 2011;6:412-415. [186996].

目的 探讨针灸辅助治疗糖尿病足 (DF)的临床疗效及其安全性. 方法 计算机检索MEDLINE、Embase、CENTRAL、SinoMed、VIP、CNKI和WANFANG数据库, 并手工检索相关会议论文集及查阅检获所有文献的参考文献, 全面收集针灸辅助治疗DF的临床随机或半随机对照试验, 由2名评价者独立进行数据提取和质量评价后, 采用RevMan 5. 1软件进行Meta分析. 结果 纳入7项研究共626.
[Objective To explore the clinical efficacy and safety of acupuncture and moxibustion in the treatment of diabetic foot (DF) .Methods The MEDLINE, Embase, CENTRAL, SinoMed, VIP, CNKI and WANFANG databases were searched by computer. Literature, a comprehensive collection of clinical treatment of DF randomized or semi-randomized controlled trial, by two independent reviewers data extraction and quality evaluation, the use of RevMan 5.1 software for meta analysis.Results included in 7 studies 626 …]